Effluent Pond Liners

Effluent Pond Liners

With the changing environment and pressure on farmers there is a great deal of confusion about what is required. TLS can offer independent free advice to people that want an honest appraisal of their requirements. Our only aim is to provide you with a system that meets regulations. Regulations include statutory requirements, design code of practice, manufacturers standards, industry requirements and common sense.

All of this is can be too much for the busy farmer, but with our combined experience and knowledge of the industry we can provide you with a service that includes a comprehensive approach that will meet all industry standards.

TLS is happy to design a system with your specific requirements in mind and will work with you to incorporate elements that include:

• Safety specifications.
• Practical and easy to manage.
• Cost effective.
• Timely.
• Excellent quality of product and service.
• Sound advice.




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